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Divi increase bullet indent and spacing

  Here is a quick CSS snippet to change the indent and spacing of bullets in Divi .et_pb_text ul, .et_pb_text ol { margin: 30px; } .et_pb_text li { margin-top: 16px; } 12 .et_pb_text ul, .et_pb_text ol { margin: 30px; }.et_pb_text li { margin-top: 16px; }...

Divi Full Width Header module tweaks

Have a fixed height for headers add the following CSS (to Divi Options > Custom CSS): et_pb_fullwidth_header {min-height: 100px;padding: 10px 0 !important;} 1 et_pb_fullwidth_header {min-height: 100px;padding: 10px 0 !important;}...

Creating a full screen slider in Divi

This is done by using the Full width slider module and adding some CSS and javascript code. Add full width module, then add full width slider module Give the module a Custom class name of et_fullscreen-slider – this is under the Custom CSS tab, in the CSS Class...

Customising the Divi menu for each page

So you want to have custom colors in the header for each Divi page?  this is definitely possible, and is all related the to unique page ID in WordPress.  you find the unique page ID in the address bar when editing a page in WP admin. Rather than make my own blog about...
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