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As part of our Business Website Plan we want to make sure your website is up to date and protected from the latest security threats.  Just like your computer, websites powered by content managements systems need to stay updated with the latest security updates and backed up, but this doesn’t fully protect your website from hackers or plugins that contain unsecure code.

All websites created by IT Wiz (with the exception of some online stores) have been built with WordPress – the most common content management system in the world.  WordPress powers over 25% of websites in the world, and 60% market share of all content management system platforms.   Because it is so popular it is a common target for hackers and malware, so it’s super-important to make sure your website stays safe.

Many website businesses offer WordPress management as an additional service – on top of your monthly website hosting it can often add up to over $50-$100 per month, (check out this list of popular services if you don’t believe us!) but we include regular WordPress updates, backup and security in the monthly package fee!

For website security we rely on a plugin called Wordfence.   It is a robust and complete security system for websites. It protects websites from security threats and keeps your site off Google’s black-list by providing a firewall, brute force protection, continuous scanning and many other security enhancements.  If you want to know more about the finer details, we have included some details from Wordfence’s site below:

Powered by our Cloud Servers

Wordfence is not just a standalone plugin for WordPress. It is part of Feedjit Inc. and is powered by our cloud scanning servers based at our data center in Seattle, Washington in the USA. On these servers we keep an updated mirror of every version of WordPress ever released and every version of every plugin and theme ever released into the WordPress repository. That allows us to do an integrity check on your core files, plugins and themes. It also means that when we detect they have changed, we can show you the changes and we can give you the option to repair any corrupt files. Even if you don’t have a backup of that file.

Keeping you off Google’s SEO Black-List

We also maintain a real-time copy of the Google Safe Browsing list (the GSB) and use it to scan all your files, posts, pages and comments for dangerous URL’s. If you accidentally link to a URL on the GSB, your site is often black-listed by Google and removed from search results. The GSB is constantly changing, so constant scanning of all your content is needed to keep you safe and off Google’s SEO black-list.

Scans for back-doors, malware, viruses and other threats

Wordfence also maintains an updated threat and malware signature database which we use to scan your site for intrusions, malware, backdoors and more.

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